Creative Interdisciplinary Research in Co llaborative Environments

Unless otherwise stated seminars are held from 12:30 till 13:30 at Inspace, Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh

Seminar program 2013-2014

October 1
Mark Daniels, New Media Scotland

November 5
Ann Marie Shilito, Digital Crafts: presentation of new book

December 2
Sophia Lycouris, City Glimpses: publicly sited dance

February 3
Professor Ruth Aylett
link to Youtube video of Professor Aylett's presentation

Wednesday April 30, 10-17:00
Workshop on Adaptation between media in Digital Storytelling co-organised by RIDERS and CIRCLE
Lecture Room A, 12 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9DF

May 26-27
CIRCLE annual symposium

Seminar program 2012-2013

October 7
Deborah Robinson, the Malaria Project

November 4
Lynsey Calder, Smart Costumes

December 3
Debbie Maxwell, storytelling as research

February 4 5
Alison Williams, SPIRES

March 4
Pippa Goldschmidt, writing research

May 6
CIRCLE annual symposium

Seminar program 2011-2012

October 3
the year's proposed activities

November 7
Joanna Kane

February 6
Mel Woods, SerenA

March 5
Angela Fernandez-Orviz, Moving Targets

May 7

Seminar program 2010-2011

October 4
Dr. Mark Wright: Novel 3D interactive visualisation and interfaces
Dr. Jochen Ehnes: Intelligent agents in augmented environments

November 1
Morag Burgon-Lyon: SPIRE project

January 10
Dave Wood: Interaction and design

February 7
Professor Simon Biggs and Sue Hawksley: performance, language and interaction

March 7
Martin Parker: Opera for an Airless Room

April 4
Richard Ashrowan

May 9
Marco Donnarumma

June 6
CIRCLE 2011 symposium

Seminar program 2008-2009

November 3
Room 316, St Leonards Land, Holyrood
Dr. Chris Speed and Henrik Ekeus
Post-Cartesian mapping

December 8
Dr. Sophia Lycouris and Professor Simon Biggs
Interactive environments and place

January 12
Dr. John Lee and Dr. Mark Wright
Place and narrative

February 23
Mariza Dima, Sue Hawksley and Vangelis Lympouridis
Performance and media

May 6
Room 1.18, Evolution House
Beverley Hood and Dr. Ann Marie Shilito
Epistemologies of interaction