Creative Interdisciplinary Research in Co llaborative Environments

Glitch'd: Purposeful Mistakes
Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh

28th Aug 2013, 12:00-14:00 and 14:00-16:00



The glitch is the defect or malfunction; when technology misbehaves. Distinct from noise, which corrupts information, the glitch affects the decisions our technologies increasingly make for us, amplifying the outcome. This one day event, encompassing promenade performance, an intelligent search engine, technological demonstration, dance performance and manipulated light installation, explores how interactive media art projects can offer insights into the affects and effects of the glitch.

Participating artists: Richard Ashrowan; Simon Biggs/Sue Hawksley/Garth Paine; Beverley Hood; Rocio Von Jungenfeld; Hadi Mehpouya/Robert Powell.

Rocio von Jungenfeld
A media walk by Rocio von Jungenfeld. During a short indoor tour, participants will have the opportunity to interact with portable projectors and wireless cameras to explore the visual interferences and feedback loops produced by the wireless transmission.

Richard Ashrowan
A moving image laboratory in which live transformations are applied to films of the four classical elements - fire, earth, air and water. Mirrors, lenses, glass vessels and other objects are used to manipulate, layer and transform, turning the projection environment into an alchemical experiment in light.

Simon Biggs, Sue Hawksley and Garth Paine
Crosstalk is an interactive work by Simon Biggs, Sue Hawksley and Garth Paine employing dance, 3D tracking, voice recognition and multi-channel data-driven audio. Crosstalk explores the generative potential of technologically mediated interaction in social construction.

Link to video of Crosstalk at the Edinburgh International Festival Glitch'd event.

Hadi Mehrpouya and Robert Powell
Hadi Mehpouya and Robert Powell present Philodox, an internet search engine with its own character, thoughts and opinions. We will provide a demonstration and description of the program, with an opportunity to converse with the Philodox itself.

Bev Hood
Glitching is a digital dance performance inspired by the glitches of characters in sports and action computer games. These awkward computer generated movements are re-enacted, choreographed and embedded within a 'live' digital environment for performers and audience to interact with.

Philodox, 2013, Hadi Mehrpouya and Robert Powell

Crosstalk in studio development, Bundanon, Australia, 2013, Simon Biggs, Sue Hawksley, Garth Paine.

Catoptrica, 2013, Richard Ashrowan