Creative Interdisciplinary Research in Co llaborative Environments

CIRCLE's members are researchers and creative practitioners at the University of Edinburgh and elsewhere. They work across the creative arts, architecture, the humanities, the physical and social sciences. Their research focuses on developing creative collaborative environments, employing methods across disciplines. Their aim is to develop effective and affecting interactive environments, within a critical framework, seeking the insights that interdisciplinary inquiry might allow.

CIRCLE events

Commoning the Networks: A feminist Methodology
As part of Transmediale 2015, Penny Travlou and Sophia Lycouris coordinate a discussion/workshop on feminist approaches to technology in collaboration with cyber-feminist collectives Genderchangers and Constant Association for Art and Media.
Glitch'd: Purposeful Mistakes: a day of events around the theme of the glitch, involving CIRCLE members Richard Ashrowan, Simon Biggs and Sue Hawksley, Bev Hood, Rocio von Jungenfeld, Hadi Mehrpouya and Robert Powell, as part of the 2013 Edinburgh International Festival
Scale 2008
From the topographic to the proprioceptive: A series of interdisciplinary research workshops into human interaction and its scaleable representation.

CIRCLE seminar programme

CIRCLE Online symposium 2014/Part 2 [Video] [PDF]
A follow-up event from CIRCLE Online symposium 2014/Part 1, designed as an intensive reading group to undertake initial discussions on the process of "commoning the networks".
CIRCLE Online symposium 2014/Part 1
This event explored how the circulation of information can result in knowledge exchange and trigger transformations in that information.

P{e/a}r{i/a}meter 2013
A symposium of talks and presentations exploring current research projects undertaken by members of the CIRCLE research group, Inspace, May 6, 2013
P{e/a}r{i/a}meter 2012
A symposium of talks and presentations exploring current research projects undertaken by members of the CIRCLE research group, Inspace, May 7, 2012
P{e/a}r{i/a}meter 2011
A symposium of talks and presentations exploring the synergies across the CIRCLE research group, Inspace, June 6, 2011

CIRCLE related projects

Developed from Literary High Street, this project explores the literary cityscape through geo-locative text mining of Edinburgh-based literary works from the early modern period to the twentieth century. The project was conceptually led by Miranda Anderson and initial technical development was led by Amy Guy.
Design in Action
Design in Action is a multi-institution AHRC funded Knowledge Exchange Hub focused on the transformative potential of design. CIRCLE members involved include Professor Simon Biggs (Co-I), Dr. Debbie Maxwell (PDRF), Had Mehrpouya (RA), Karl Monsen and Diego Zamora (PhD candidates).
Literary High Street
Weaves a database of extracts from literary works set in Edinburgh, exploring literary psychogeography through mapping texts using the GPS capabilitty of mobile devices. The collaboration includes Miranda Anderson as conceptual director, Amy Guy as technical director and Simon Biggs, James Loxley (English), John Lee and others.
Moving Targets
Scottish Funding Council funded research project involving Professor Simon Biggs (Principal Investigator), Dr. Mark Wright, Bev Hood (Co-Investigators), Dr. Mariza Dima and Angela Fernandez Orviz (Knowledge Exchange Associates).
A European funded FP7 research project exploring how we live with digital and interactive companions involving Professor Ruth Aylett
An FP7 funded project seeking to develop innovative technologically-enhanced learning approaches in cultural understanding and sensitivity involving Professor Ruth Aylett and Dr. Sandy Louchart.
A multidisciplinary project seeking to understand the role of serendipity in innovation and design technologies involving Mel Woods, Dr. Debbie Maxwell and Professor Ruth Aylett.
Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice.
EU HERA funded research project involving Professor Simon Biggs (Principal Investigator), Dr. Penny Travlou (Co-Investigator), Mark Daniels (associate) and Magnus Lawrie (research student).
Tales of things.
Multi-institution EPSRC funded research project exploring "the internet of things", led by Dr. Chris Speed (Principal Investigator) with Duncan Shingleton (research student).
Dr. Jochen Ehnes, Dr. Chris Speed and Henrik Ekeus develop iPhone App allowing real-time collaborative mapping with GPS enabled mobile technologies.
Viccy Adams
Dr. Miranda Anderson
Richard Ashrowan
Professor Ruth Aylett
Dr Sian Bayne
Diana Bental
Professor Simon Biggs
Dr. Jane Calvert
Maria Christou
Mark Daniels
Dr. Mariza Dima
Marco Donnarumma
Dr. Jochen Ehnes
Henrik Ekeus
Dr. David Feeney
Angela Fernandez Orviz
Jonathan Gibbs
Pippa Goldschmidt
Dr. Maria Grade Godinho
Amy Guy
Dr. Rachel Harkness
Dr. Sue Hawksley
Lauren Hayes
Dr. Elizabeth Hodson
Beverley Hood
Rocio von Jungenfeld
Joanna Kane
Dr. Smita Kheria
Magnus Lawrie
Professor John Lee
Erwan Lejeune
Dr. Sandy Louchart
Dr. Sophia Lycouris
Vangelis Lympouridis
Dr. Debbie Maxwell
Hadi Mehrpouya
Luis de Miranda
Parag Mital
Dr. Kristin Mojsiewicz
Dr. Martin Parker
Robert Powell
Dr. John Ravenscroft
Associate Professor Kriss Ravetto
Dr. Judy Robertson
Deborah Robinson
Dr. Richard Skilcock
Dr. Ann Marie Shilito
Duncan Shingleton
Gerry Smith
Professor Chris Speed
Jared Taylor
Professor Daniel Tercio
Wendy Timmons
Dr. Penny Travlou
Efstathios Vafeias
Dr. Alison Williams
Mike Windle
Dave Wood
Mel Woods
Dr. Mark Wright
Dr Brigitta Zics

Updated 2 September 2013